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Double Vertical Splitter with Conveyor

The Double Vertical Splitter with Conveyor is our flagship model tailored to the professional firewood outfits. This machine can produce over 4 full cords an hour (12 face cords). Our average customer who orders this model usually produces in excess of 250 cords (750 face cords) a year. This unit allows the flexibility to have anywhere from 1 to 4 workers using it at once.

The most productive setup on the Double Vertical Splitter has two workers operating the splitting rams and one or two other workers feeding a continuous stream of unsplit wood to the machine.

Increased Productivity

Like most of our products, the Double Vertical Splitter is self propelled; this insures quick and effortless moving of the machine to the wood. This saves valuable time and is what makes our splitters unique. Instead of spending minutes moving the splitter to new piles of wood with other machines or by hand, ours moves in seconds under its own power! With the splitter’s productivity, a few minutes here and there ultimately means 2-3 cords more at the end of the day, which means more money in your pocket

Furthermore, the design of this splitter like most of our splitter line is designed with the worker in mind. An ergonomic design minimizes bending over by the worker and our pedal-activated splitters offers ease of use to split the wood. When Powersplit Designed its splitter line, its main focus was the worker and how we could achieve our objective of taking as much of the manual labor out of the process as we could.

A tired worker is a non-productive worker but with Powersplit Splitters we substantially cut down on physical effort and bending down by the worker resulting in significantly more productivity over the course of the day. This translates into more wood split and more money on your bottom line.

There isn’t another splitter out on the market than can even come close to this unit: Self propelled, integrated conveyor belt, dual work stations, pedal activated splitting rams.


Double Vertical Splitter with Conveyor Model


Honda 20HP

2 independent operating rams


Length: 25 feet

Wheelbase: 10 feet

Width: 6 feet

Weight: 2500lbs

Conveyor (optional): 25 feet

Splitting Cycle

5 seconds

Splitting Capabilities

Up to 12 face cords per hour

Force per ram: 28 – 34 tons


Motor 20 – 30hp

Heavy-duty hydraulic log lift

Heavy-duty gauge work tables

Extended work tables

Roof (protects from rain & sun)

Wood Hooks

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