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How to considerably increase your wood splitting revenue

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 How to split your firewood in record time;

How to get big results in the wood splitting business;

You’ve come to the right place…..

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Let’s begin with clients reviews and testimonials,


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Determine your productivity with a double, single or buggy wood splitter model.


  • Vertical, pedal-activated design. The wood stays on the table, you only pick up the same piece of wood from the ground once!

  • 5 second cycle time, 2 and 4 way wedge;

  • Self-propelled splitter with integrated adjustable conveyor.


The combination of self-propelled, pedal-activated, 5 sec cycle time, and vertical ergonomic design are characteristics that give our PowerSplit indisputable superiority over the standard horizontal models. These characteristics enable the worker to physically stand up in a natural position with both hands free, and eliminate the need to pick up the same piece of wood over and over again due to it being split too big and pushed to the ground, which always happens with horizontal splitters.

For example a 20 inch piece of wood only gets picked up once on a PowerSplit because it stays on the table even while splitting. While with all horizontal splitters, that 20 inch piece of wood will run thru a 4 or 6 way wedge making 4 or 6 pieces of wood that are still too big and pushed thru the wedge to the ground, forcing the worker to pick them up again for re-splitting. So in the end, he will have picked up that same initial piece 5 to 7 times!

Furthermore, the PowerSplit is self-propelled so you can move the machine to the wood, thus keeping your wood cleaner and wasting much less time having to walk over to pick up wood that is a little too far when you use a regular splitter. At the end of the day, these little things conserve time and energy for the worker, and this could translate into doubling your production!



Our line has something for everyone from the weekend warrior to the high production outfit.

Our wood splitters will save you time and money as well as produce a lot more wood.

“Stop bringing the wood to the splitter – start bringing the splitter to the wood” is our motto.

So inquire about our free video and leasing options.

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Give us a call, we’ll be glad to answer any of the questions you may have!

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