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The only line of self-propelled wood processor and wood conveyors, Power Split International Inc. in US/Canada, offers the most productive commercial wood splitter on the market today. We target customers in the tree business, such as loggers, landscapers, tree service, farmers, land owners, firewood producers, landscape designers, and many more.

The Powersplit wood splitter concept is the brainchild of it’s designer, a welder and firewood producer, that imagined that there must be a more simple and less fatiguing way of splitting firewood. His initial pet peeve was to constantly bend down and pick up the wood he had just split on his horizontal splitter to re-split it into the right size. That prompted the vertical design and large work table so that the larger pieces of wood could be initially split without having them fall to the ground before being re-split. Furthermore with the work table near waist high, reduced bending and the effort needed to handle to wood for splitting. The second pet peeve was the trouble of moving the splitter every ½ hour or so with a bobcat or tractor to get closer to the wood or if you didn’t move it, pushing the wood to the machine would result in dirty muddy wood. He decided to make the machine self-propelled to eliminate both issues. Then came the question of getting rid of the wood by either throwing it by hand once split or dropping it into a conveyor that would also need to be moved every 30 min or so in order to stay next to the splitter. That’s when the single vertical splitter with conveyor came to light…attaching the splitter and conveyor together. One last thing that bothered him was that they were usually 2 or three workers splitting wood and that would result in the worker(s) not using the splitter would kinda have to wait around before handing wood to his partner who was working the splitter. That’s when we decided to add another splitter to the other side of the conveyor thus creating our most popular model the Self Propelled Double Vertical splitter with conveyor.

By designing these units he effectively reduced the time and effort in moving the splitter and conveyor ( self-propelled ). He also greatly reduced the amount of times the worker needed to touch the wood in order to split it into the right size. ( no more bending down to pick up the same piece of wood several times  until it’s the desired size). By adding the conveyor he once again eliminated the effort needed to toss or throw the wood…. All these things add up tremendously over an 8 hour shift… resulting in a happier more energized worker which equates to more productivity ! No other wood splitter can produce as much wood as our machines can. With a 5 second cycle time, self-propelled and pedal activated it’s the MOST PRODUCTIVE AND EASY TO USE SPLITTER ON THE MARKET PERIOD !

Our Commitment

With a standard five-second cycle time and a vertical design, our sophisticated wood processor design enables workers to control the quality of the wood up to 100%. We save you not just time, but also money. There is no wasted wood with our splitters – every piece is perfect, always. Furthermore, the ergonomic tables of our equipment minimize the physical exertion of the workers, thus improving their productivity. Our line has something for everyone, from weekend warriors to high-end production outfits.

“Stop bringing the wood to the splitter – start bringing the splitter to the wood” is our motto, so inquire about our leasing options. Inquire about our free, no-obligation information package, including a DVD demo.


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