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The Buggy Splitter (Self-Propelled)

The Buggy Splitter is the “little rascal” of the line-up with its large work table, self propelled and pedal activated splitting rams. Basically it’s a Single Vertical with conveyor without the conveyor. All splitting cycle times are identical on all machines (5 seconds ). This unit is tailored to the professional landscaper, tree services etc. that offers firewood sales on the side. The Buggy Splitter is very convenient to transport and offers the same reliability as our larger splitters in a smaller, self-propelled package.

Static Buggy offers all the performance and benefits as The Buggy model except that it is not self-propelled. It comes with a trailer hitch attachment and can be towed effortlessly anywhere. However this machine offers the same power as all our splitter including the 5 second cycle time. This machine is great for the smaller producing outfits that still want productivity and performance but at a smaller price!

The Buggy Model (Self-Propelled)


Motor 9 – 13HP


Length: 7 feet Wheelbase: 4 feet Width: 6.5 feet Conveyor (optional): 4 feet Weight: 500lbs

Splitting Cycle

5 seconds

Hydraulic Pump

 Single Stage


Heavy-duty hydraulic log lift Heavy-duty gauge work tables Wood Hooks
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