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Powersplit vs horizontal wood splitter head to head comparision (Vertical vs horizontal log splitter)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… how many words is a video worth? Actually, this video can be worth thousands of $$$ for you if you watch it just once… you’ll understand what I mean after viewing it. It’s a head to head comparison of Powersplit’s vertical wood splitter in action vs a standard horizontal splitter model typically available on the market. I’m sure this video demonstration will blow your mind. So, if you haven’t already done that, go ahead and watch it now, it will only take a few moments of your time and can help dramatically increase your wood splitting revenue.

Alright. You’re done viewing the video? So… Doesn’t it blow your mind?

As mentioned at the beginning of this revealing comparison video, we were dealing with the same number of logs, the same volume of wood, and (to be fair) both machines had similar cycle times. Now right off the start, you can see that our vertical log splitter is pedal activated (which in and of itself is a huge advantage over the horizontal model of the competition).

Now at the very first second of this head to head comparison video, the man on the left (with the standard horizontal splitter) grabs a relatively small log, while on the right (Powersplit’s vertical firewood splitter), he grabs this monster log: in 19 seconds, the standard splitter “succeeded” in cutting his tiny log into 4 average size pieces of wood, while the guy using Powersplit’s vertical log processor cut his gigantic log into 12 pieces (that’s what I could count any way), each piece the same size as the other guy’s!

As the video moves along, you see the poor chap on the left having to monopolize his left hand just to “handle the handle” (at least he has a working table…) meanwhile, the guy on the right is more than half-way done after barely one minute (both his hands being free to manipulate the wood, that sure helps). And then, this cute pooch comes along wagging his tail as if to say: “come on, let’s go play Dad!”.

Any way, to make a long story short, after only 2 minutes and 47.2 seconds, the man who had the pleasure of using Powersplit’s vertical wood splitter is DONE! While with the horizontal splitter, it took the poor chap 7 minutes and 42.14 seconds! So this head to head comparison of Powersplit’s Vertical wood splitter vs the traditional horizontal firewood processor is irrefutable proof that Powersplit’s vertical wood splitter is more than 2.75 times faster than the standard horizontal model… Now, imagine what you could do with our double vertical wood splitter with conveyor combined with the 4-way wedge option! You can see that briefly near the end of the video.

What more can I say. These figures and this video speak for themselves.

But let’s be fair now; there is one good thing I can say about the standard horizontal model that most of my competitors have to offer: it sure gives you a heck of a workout!

So at this point, the choice is yours: the workout? Or the money?

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